Posted Date: 05-15-05

Dear Joe,

Thanks to the fine work ya'll do, we have our baby girl back. It's the ad that reads "answers to "ratdog " or "baby girl". The people who found her were kind enough to drive her back to us all the way from San Marcos, and it was your service that put them in touch with us. Again, our most heartfelt thanks on the wonderful work you do!

The details: It's actually a very poignant story. After Babygirl escaped, we really had no idea how to go about finding her, so Katherine suggested we Google the terms "lost dog" and "Austin". The first item to come back was your site It turned out that she was rescued from a very busy street near our house by a college student who was taking classes here in Austin, though she was actually registered, (and lived), in San Marcos, which was over fifty miles away. She had to go back home, so she didn't have time to stop by the local animal shelter. Once home, she first took Babygirl to a vet, who verified she was both in excellent health, and at least ten years old. It was her age that persuaded this good samaritan that Babygirl came from a loving home, at which point she had the idea to Google exactly the same terms that we did, by which time I had the chance to get the ad, (complete with picture), onto your site. Don't you just love seeing a plan come together? Thanks again!


Tom G and Katherine G