Posted Date: 4-13-06


Thanks to your website, Queen was recovered yesterday. A lady had found her in Anderson Mill by the El Salido pool. She took her in and had checked the your website on Saturday, but nothing had been posted yet. (We had not gotten that far yet). She posted signs, but we had not connected. Her son's girlfriend found and identified her yesterday morning on your website, and I picked her up at 12:00 noon from her son. They took great care of her and would not take any money for her food or anything. The mother had taken her to some clinic to be scanned, but she didn't have the microchip. As of 2:00 pm yesterday, Queen is now microchipped. As many have suggested, staying calm and following the tips on websites worked.

Thank you again for your assistance.

Sue and Kendra

Posted Date: 4-21-06

Dear Joe,

I wanted to tell you the news that our dog was found and returned to us safely. Kathy and her family found the dog and then discovered the picture and phone number on and called me. When I met with Kathy today she said to me "I was glad to see the picture on , as when I saw the picture I knew it was your dog." We were reunited today (4/21) with the help of your website and the kindness of strangers.

All the best,