Posted Date: 4/9/10

Found playing in traffic at Virginia Ave & N. Highlands Ave. Freshly groomed, responds to commands, neutered male. Found Shih Tzu Atlanta Georgia, Zip Code 30306. Found this lost dog in Fulton county Georgia.

UPDATE 4/9/10 ABOUT 10:00 p.m. Well, my friend actually found the dog wandering in a busy street at around noon. She already has 2 dogs and didn't want to introduce a 3rd , so she called me for advice. She wanted to take him to an adoption shelter, but I told her to bring him by my place so we could figure out what to do with him. I took him to a local vet to be scanned for a microchip, but he didn't have one, so we drove by a local pet supply store to see if anyone recognized him. He was recently groomed and responded to commands, so I knew someone really missed him! When we got home, I got online and started posting notices on various local groomers' facebook pages, and on your website. Around 7pm, I took him out for a walk and when I got back, I had a voicemail that said " I think you have our rambunctious little dog"! I called the man back, and just to be sure, asked what collar his collar was. He knew it was green. He told me the dog's name is Hobbes. The dog responded to his name, so I told the man I'd bring his dog to him. It turned out, he'd had contractors in the house and both of his dogs had escaped. He had posted posters in the neighborhood and then decided to check online, where he found your site and my posting! It was a very happy ending to a long day of searching. Though my boss might not agree, I definitely accomplished something today!