Posted Date: 4-15-11

I truly appreciate your quick response to help us get this pup home to his family. I registered with so many unresponsive sites, so I know which one I will recommend to friends who lose pets. Please update the posting to let everyone know that Brownie is home now. Thank you so much for posting the Pug we found in Folsom a couple of days ago. After a day of detective work I located his owner. I took him to the vet today to have him scanned for a chip. He did indeed have one, but the owners never registered the dog. Avid was kind enough to give me the name of the vet who inserted the chip and they researched their files to track down the owner. The vets office contacted them and gave them my info. His name is Brownie, and he had been missing six days. He was several miles from home and three kids were very happy to see him this afternoon.

For the love of animals,

Mary Anne B