UPDATE: 6-15-08

Dear Joe,

Just a quick not to say thank you for helping us through a tough weekend while our dog Ballou was missing. As you know, Ballou suffered a first-time epileptic-like seizure in our backyard last Wednesday. While coming out of it he was disoriented, panicked and went through our fence. He was missing for 4 days with absolutely no leads, and we were worried sick for his health and safety. After talking to you Saturday evening and trying your suggestion of leaving his bedding near a possible sighting location, he was home...in less than 12-hours! A Happy Father's Day reunion for all. I wish I had heard about you and contacted you sooner. I will be sure to pass along the wonderful work you do in helping distraught pet owners reunite with their lost pets. Thanks again for your suggestions and most of all, for listening. It is appreciated more than you know! Attached is a picture of Ballou happily reunited with our dog Guinness...safe and home again. Thanks again and have a TERRIFIC day! Cathi San Antonio, TX POSTED DATE 6-14-08 : Lost Timberwood Park area. 55-lb Male, neutered Catahoula/Australian Shepherd Mix. "Ballou" Grey Merle with Black Spots and White Markings. One Blue Eye. He is an abuse rescue and is EXTREMELY SHY and very afraid of people - especially men. Please do not approach or chase him! Just call owner at numbers below and please give him some water. Has severe epileptic seizures and is in need of Medical Attention!