Canyon Lake Texas

Posted Date: 6-20-12's most recent Happy Ending - Posted to on June 20th and home on June 21st.

From Diesel's owner - " Joe, Thank you soooooooo much! We got Diesel back today. She said she found him when she Googled " Lost dog Canyon Lake" LOSTADOG.COM was the first one that popped up. Thanks again for doing what you do!!!!!" Melody H. Canyon Lake Texas

Please help us find our Baby Diesel. Last seen at home on Guenther Ranch (north side of canyon lake off of 306-near 3424) Diesel is a rottweiler/pitt bull mix. Two years old, male, not nuetered, has red invisible fence collar on, also a black collar with his green rabies tag. He is about 90 lbs, looks mean, but isnt. Please call if you have seen him. 78133 comal county