UPDATE 11-9-11

Found German Shepherd on Route 318 West Middlesex, PA. Dog looks in great health, friendly and not very hungry. Had red collar but no tags. I had to take him to a local shelter, but im still trying to find his family. Shelter looked but no microchip. I dont think hes been outside very long, his coats in great shape. My house is nearby interstate 80 also. found lost dog Pennsylvania PA mercer county zip code 16159 shenango township

Joe, Great news, the owner of the german shepherd i found had a friend that seen the posting on this site FOUNDADOG.com Posted Date 10-30-11 Sunday October 30th 2011 FOUNDADOG.com Joe..buddy is now home with his very thankful family!! Finally some good news about lost dogs. Thanks again for all ur help cuz w/o you he prob woudnt be home..chris

Sugar Land, Texas

UPDATE: 11-15-11

A sweet 11 year-old girl called me on November 2nd and told me that she found my dog. I grabbed my purse and drove to their house immediately. When I got there the mother of the 11 year-old said that Oliver had come around the house for a few days, and they were feeding him and giving him a place to sleep. The 11 year-old girl decided to look online to see if anyone had posted anything about a missing dog, and of course when she typed " LOST DOG " into the search bar, the first thing that popped up was the ad about Oliver on LOSTADOG.com and they called me as soon as they saw it. Being reunited with my dog was the greatest feeling in the entire world! He is home, completely unharmed and happy as could be! Without LOSTADOG.com I don't think Oliver would have ever been returned because he had ended up so far away that no one in that neighborhood would have seen the hundreds of flyers I posted everywhere in the area where I live.

Once again thanks,


ORIGINALLY POSTED 10-11-11 LOSTADOG.com Sugar Land Texas.