UPDATE 10-9-11

Joe!!!! We found our dog. Thanks to your website... it's funny, it wasn't the picture I posted of etta, it was a picture of a dog that looked a lot like her of a found dog posted in the Denton, Tx area in January 2011 ( posted to FOUNDADOG.com ) I called on that post and it just so happened that the girl who found our dog had also called based on that photograph found on your website. She ended up being 2 hours away in Jackboro,Tx at a dog rescue place for abused and abandoned dogs of all places!! She made it there in only 3 days... Long story short, we got her back yesterday!!! All is well now, she is home and resting from her crazy adventures of last week. But I just wanted to sincerely thank you for having this website. You reconnected a very loving family with their baby girl!!! Much love to you and may the good luck we've had come back on you 10 fold!!! POSTED 10-7-11.