11029 Ridgeline Ln, Spring Hill, FL 34608, USA



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Last Seen: O3/04/2018
Neighborhood: Spring Hill
Zip Code: 34608
Beagle mix, chiped, approx. 2-4 years of age. Female, spayed, has heart worm disease and is on a monthly medication, next dose is April 2. She is veery thin. Just recently adopted her from a rescue shelter. Biiss can be a timid really does not know her name. Biiss is medium size and weights about 35-40lbs
Bliss is still wearing her pink harness with the pink leash. She has been seen in the Spring Hill area of Florida. Some of the streets she has been seen on are,Keysville Ave, Odin St Thornberry St. and Elgin. I do have alerts out for her including the Amber one. I am on the Missing Pets of Hernando County page, I guess every little bit helps. Bliss will eat if the food and offered to her and the dish is held for her. Thinking she had a very bad past. Oh yes a little chicken, beef, or vegetable stock might get her to come forward. She does not like loud noises. Only had Bliss for a short period of time but she is very gentle and sweet. Hope this helps Miss Bliss very much and am crying alot. ♡♡♡

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