Last Seen: NOVEMBER 18, 2017
Zip Code: 32778
Our mini golden doodle Tate is still missing. REWARD IF FOUND AND RETURNED, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!! PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 352-455-0826 OR 352-406-2773 IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION!!!! He disappeared Saturday night November 18 in Musselwhite Farms near Shirley Shores Rd. after being outside for a few minutes with our 3 large dogs. We think he may have gotten under our four board fence and electric fence wire through a gopher turtle hole. We have looked all night and morning, we cannot find him. His collar with tags and bandana were off him for bathing. He is approximately 18 lbs, just over 1 year old, and answers to Tate. He is our family pet and we are extremely upset. We have modified our fence again to prevent him from getting out, but he was small enough to escape through another animal's hole or perhaps somebody took him out of our yard or nearby. We love him dearly as do our kids so please contact me ASAP if you have any information. Thank you so much. The picture below was taken just a few days before he disappeared. He may be matted or shaggy and dirty from being out on his own this long:(

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